• What Causes Variegation in Houseplants?

    Everything you wanted to know about variegation in houseplants including why some plants lose their variegation and how to preserve it.
  • Should I Buy Plants to Clean the Air in my Home?

    You can find articles all over the web declaring that certain plants like the Snake Plant, Spider Plant, and others can clean the air in your home and/or increase the level of oxygen. These articles often cite a NASA study that proved it scientifically. Therefore, they say, you should buy these pants for the health of your family. Should you really buy houseplants to improve the air quality in your home?
  • Plants that Thrive in Low Light with Little Care

    Everyone wants to know what plants will do well in their home. Which plants can tolerate lower light levels? Which plants will not mind if I forget to water them or go on vacation for a week? Does this plant require special care? The answers to these questions are all around you if you just keep your eyes open when you go out.
  • How to Make Poinsettias Red for Christmas

    Few, if any, plants say Merry Christmas like a bright red Poinsettia. When we buy them around Thanksgiving, they are full of vibrant color. Traditionally the top leaves are a bright red, but modern variants range from white to pink and all manner of variegated patterns. All of them add a bright spot of living color to our seasonal decor.
    After Christmas, they tend to shed leaves and loose all of that bright color, returning to a rich green. You may think you've dne something wrong or that you just can't keep the plant happy enough to keep it's bright red color. In actuality, this is part of the normal seasonal cycle for the Poinsettia... You can return them to their bright holiday color with one simple trick.
  • Introduction to My Sylvan Gardens

    Hello and welcome to My Sylvan Gardens. Our mission is to help you grow good things. We hope to do that by providing quality plants and products along with information that will help your plants thrive.

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