Our mission is to help you grow good things.

   My Sylvan Gardens is a small home business specializing in both exotic and popular favorite houseplants. We ship every order directly from New Hampshire in the USA. We have one small greenhouse and a home full of plants in various stages of maturity. We carefully inspect and pack each plant to make sure you receive your order in good condition. We've sold and shipped thousands of plants all across the USA to such diverse locations as Hawaii, Michigan, Florida and Arizona. 
    During the winter months, we strongly recommend that you add a heat pack to your order to protect against cold temperatures in transit. Although heat packs are listed as 72 hour heat packs, we have both 3 and 4 day heat packs and will include the best one for the estimated shipping time of your package. During the winter, we only ship by Priority Mail to avoid delays in the cold weather. During the summer, we offer a choice of Priority Mail or First Class Mail. 

    We encourage you to contact us immediately if there is any problem with your shipment when you receive it, or if you need any advice about the plant at any time. At My Sylvan Gardens, our mission is to help you grow good things. You can find us on Facebook at MySylvanGardens.facebook.com and on Etsy at SylvanGardens.Etsy.com. All purchases on this website will be channeled through Etsy to protect your payment information (which is never seen by us) and to provide their third-party satisfaction guarantees. 

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